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We have assembled a team of qualified & experienced professionals that provide a range of complimenting skills to ensure our treatments plans effective and bespoke to the requirements of our patients.

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Clinical Lead at WAH Counselling; Practitioner Psychologist; Author; BSc, MSc, PGdip, PsychD, CPsychol, HCPC registered.


Counselling Psychologist, BSc. (Hons), MSc., PsychD.


WHO ARE YOU? I am a fully qualified Counselling Psychologist born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.  I hold a B. Sc honours degree in Psychology, a M. Sc degree in Developmental Psychopathology, and a doctorate in Counselling Psychology.  I have worked therapeutically with a diverse range of clients from both London, UK...
Counselling Psychologist (BSc, MSc, PsychD, MBPsS, MBACP.)


WHO ARE YOU? I am an American living in the UK. Although I am currently finishing my doctorate in counselling psychology, I have already qualified as a therapist and am a member of BACP. I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology following my bachelor’s degree in counselling psychology and cross-cultural ministries. HOW YOU WORK?...
Psychological Therapist MA (Cantab), PGdip, MBPsS.


WHO ARE YOU? Like I imagine you are, I am a mixture of things.  I am a trained counsellor, having a first in Psychology, and a Postgraduate Diploma (with Distinction) in Counselling Psychology.  I have worked with a wide range of clients, from those with mild issues to address, to those with extreme psychosis.  I...
Hypnotherapist and psychological therapist BSc, MSc, PGdip, MBPsS


WHO ARE YOU? I am a trained Hypnotherapist specialising in relationships, weight control and stress related issues. I am mother of one and love to work with topics of Human rights in my spare time. I also am a qualified teacher and a qualified therapist. My qualifications stem from BSc in psychology and human biology,...
Psychological therapist & Couples therapist; MBACP, TCCR, BSc, MA, PGDIP. 


WHO ARE YOU?  I am a BACP Registered Accredited relationship counsellor bringing twenty years’ experience of counselling couples and individuals. My early training was with Relate which was an integrated  training but predominantly a psychodynamic approach. I have continued to follow my interest in psychodynamic couple therapy studying at an advanced level at the Tavistock...
Assistant Psychologist BSc, MSc


WHO ARE YOU? I’m a hardworking and adaptable individual who is constantly seeking innovative ways to expand my knowledge in the field of social, health and developmental psychology. As an assistant psychologist I efficiently liaise with psychologists and individuals who require extra support by carrying out neuropsychological assessments, contributing to multidisciplinary discussions about a client’s...
Play Therapist BSc, MSc


WHO ARE YOU? I am a trained child-centered play therapist with relevant experience of work with vulnerable children and youngsters. My work experience includes hospitalised children and their families; cared-for and hard to reach children; SEND children and adolescents. I have further experience of working in school environments, charities, and adoption agencies; I also have...
Clinical Psychologist (HCPC registered; BSc, MSc, PsychD)


WHO ARE YOU?   I am a Clinical Psychologist, currently working part time in the NHS at the Primary Care Recovery Service at The Wilson Hospital and privately in London delivering a range of talking therapies using a one to one and group approach.   I hold a diploma in Psychology from the London Metropolitan...
Assistant Psychologist (BSc)

Molly Elizabeth Gravestock

WHO ARE YOU? I am an assistant psychologist here at We are human counselling, having completed my core studies of Psychology in my current undergraduate BSc BPS accredited degree at the University of Roehampton. After my degree I aim to complete my masters in order to become an educational Psychologist; working with children and families...
Assistant Psychologist (BSc)

Michelle Bone

WHO ARE YOU? Hello, My name is Michelle Bone.  Who Am I?  I have taken on an excellent opportunity to progress in my career as an Assistant Psychologist, I have completed core studies of Psychology in an undergraduate degree BSc which is an accredited BPS degree. My goal is to get a masters and then...
Assistant Psychologist (BSc)

Kiran Sahota

WHO ARE YOU? Hi,  I am kiran Sahota an assistant psychologist that has completed core studies of psychology in my undergraduate degree BSC. I am aiming to do a masters in clinical psychology specialising in counselling and becoming a doctorate. My passion is to help through counselling. This really stemmed from my mother being mentally...
Assistant Psychologist (BSc)

Nicholai Randolf Martin

WHO ARE YOU? Hello, My name is Nicholai Randolf Martin I have a role as an assistant psychologist that has completed core studies of psychology. Currently in my undergraduate BSc degree. A BPS accredited degree. I moved from Norway to the United Kingdom to study the course ‘Psychology and counselling’. I moved not just for...