Smile Smile Smile

Smile Smile Smile

Smiling is something very important for your mental health The importance of smiling for wellbeing is essential. A smile can change your outlook in life, can change a persons mood and a welcoming smile can change a whole atmosphere in a room. When I walk into the hospital waiting room all the patients look terrified and anxious and just by me offering them a smile, I automatically see a change in their body language, I usually get a smile back. This makes them comfortable, smiles are beautiful and for me that is most beautiful asset of a human being. Below I have composed some fact from research conducted in scholarly articles:


Happy hormone:

Research has shown that a smile naturally produces endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. By elevating your mood naturally, even if it’s a forced smile there are chemicals in the brain that are activated and a slight boost is developed even if you do not feel like smiling.


Smile for love:

Patients often come to me and describe experiences with the opposite sex as awkward and sometimes they feel like they really like someone but their nerves and anxiety get the best of them. First question I ask, did you smile at any point. The answer is usually no. So, I smile and say when you first saw me what eased you into the therapy session, most if not all my patients say it was your smile. So, I say well, then let’s try you smiling more, to show you like someone. Even if you not romantically interested in someone, smile will ease your delivery of stating how you feel. Remember people do not remember so much what you look like or say but how you had made them feel. Smile can be your gateway to making a person feel comfortable.


Smile as a  affirmation:

Your smile is beautiful! A statement often reflected to patients for their positive belief statements. This is particularly for people with low-self-esteem and confidence. My smile is beautiful as an affirmation, can make a huge difference to your self-esteem and confidence. Practice your smile in the mirror, see the energy your smile brings. Your smile is beautiful.

These are just some of the benefits of a smile. Always smile, don’t let the world affect your smile and message from to all…Smile for your wellbeing…. your smile is beautiful.


By Dr Farah Nadeem



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