How to stay positive under pressure

How to stay positive under pressure

We have moment of our lives where we are put under pressure. We want to perform our best and can self-disclose of a recent experience of being out under pressure, I was asked to talk about my book on national television live. So, managing your emotions and working under pressure is something I can say from experience it’s not the easiest of things but it can be one of your best experiences that help you grow as a person. Below are three tips that can help with staying positive under pressure:


Positive mind-set:

So, this is seeing the current experience of pressure as an amazing opportunity. Weather it is speaking at a conference, weather it is under a deadline or performing under people who you want to impress. A way that I could perform the way I wanted to be because the cause I was under pressure for was something I spent years studying and working on. I had before this had fought to make a difference, so for me staying positive and focusing on why I was there. Made me have a positive and motivational mind-set.


Stay Passionate:

Whatever the reason you are under pressure for, develop a way of being passionate for it. I remember when it came to my exams, whatever I was passionate about I remember doing really well in. So, it is all about building passion and keeping that momentum.



Sometimes people say having tunnel vision is not good, you’re not enjoying the moment around as your too focused on one thing. I do agree with this; the important thing is being able to be mindful of things around you. However, under pressure some tunnel vision is important.  As in that moment of time you only have that one shot so, focus and make it count.


These are just small steps to staying positive under pressure.


By Dr Farah Nadeem


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