Managing stress 

Managing stress 

I often see patients and clients state that they are stressed. I always ask what does that mean? What is stress to them? So what I have learnt to each person stress varies for some what they feel like stress for others it’s joy. So understanding what you mean by stress is important. So I have composed small number of general forms of stress that may relate to the mass:

Financial stress :

This is something we all struggled with in one time of our lives. We work continuously, but outgoings are so much that sometimes we become overwhelmed. So how does one tackle this form of stress? So firstly let’s not name stress as stress. See it as issue that you need to give an attention to. So number one you compose all of outgoings. If at times you can not pay a bill that month, contact the person/company you need to pay the bill to. People often forget that communication is key, try to develop a plan that can be affordable. Remove unnecessary expenditures, such as weekends out, eating out. I am not saying don’t go out, there are so many places you can go out to such as museums, art shows, and other free events.

Relationship stress:

People often see relationships as hard work. Again is that outlook, “hard” naming something as hard gives your brain and thoughts an excuse to see the relationship as negative. Firstly stay calm, reflect on yourself, see what is your responsibility and lastly communicate. Communication is key in relationship is essential, men usually need space and avoid talking and while women want to talk and tackle the issue head on. I would say once the reason of your “stress” has subsided. Take time to reflect ways in which suits each other. Understand the other do not jump to conclusions. If you truly want to be in the relationship, then your partner will always be a source of joy (odd occasion maybe not) remember disagreements are healthy for your relationship.

Work stress:

Many of us experience the pressures of deadline, moody co-workers and difficult people. The most important skills to manage stress at work is control and organisation. With organisation come control of situations and circumstances at work. A sense of control over your task gives you freedom to think and explore what is needed next. Do not let work control you. It’s hard at first to manage aspects of work. But remember it’s about what you allow in your mental space. With work-related stress is about action. Set yourself small goals that make you feel you have accomplished something in your day. Even one accomplishment can reduce the experience of stress.

These are just a view tips regarding wellbeing and stress you can read more on wearehumancounselling blog site.
By Dr Farah Nadeem


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