Developing your Well-being After an Illness

Developing your Well-being After an Illness

Over the winter period most of us have suffered from poor physical health, usually stuff associated to flus and colds. This blog is for any ill health or period of your life where you have had to take days or even months of work. Usually our mental health is affected by our physical health. Below are some mental health wellbeing tips to start getting you back to normal.


Develop a routine

Get yourself back into routine your normal daily activities. As we are aware our wellbeing is affected and we find it hard to get back to being you. So number one thing is get yourself back into a routine of eating breakfast on time, exercising, eating well and starting to develop some normal work activities.



This is something that is unique to you, mediations can be in the form of positive thoughts. You can do this at anytime during the day or night. For myself this can be dependent on my mood, I love morning meditations for a good day. However, I also enjoy mindful meditations in the bath just before bed. What this allows me to do, is de-stress all the negative energy of the day and create a mental well-being list for the next day.  A well-being list looks like exercise, feeding yourself well and being productive. Even a five minute goal oriented mediation can also be done.


Being Grateful

Remember your through the worse (poor health), you are recovering or recovered through a total mind and body shut down. Your wellness is improving, each day develop a strategy to say thank you to your mind, body and soul for getting well. Remember being grateful changes ones mindset to a positive one, rather than focusing on what you went through, rather than from a lens of negativity, by being grateful you are looking at your recovery through a grateful lens.



Research has shown even going for half an hour walks through the day can develop good health. We offer mindful walking therapy and endorse mindful walking. Sometimes we get so lost in our past and what has not even happened, we destroy our current well-being through worry. By mindfully walking, you can accept and let go of thoughts that are counterproductive. I have stated walking as form of exercise as it is! Sometimes it is harder from having a health related break to get back into your gym routines. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just walk. Walking will help you to improve your well-being.


Stick to personal boundaries

What we mean by personal boundaries, is be aware of what you can do and want to do. Do not feel guilty for being ill or compensating your good health because of guilt. Example of this can be if your a parent and you have been ill and not been able to do things for your kids or spouse. Classic case I see in therapy parents always feelings guilty and as soon as they get better they are trying to make it all up at once; the things they have not done or could not do because of poor health. It is the same case regarding all of us. I notice I do it when it comes to work, I want to do the same volume of work before I became sick straight away; we want to push our own boundaries to be back to ‘me’ again.

Please don’t rush to being superman or superwomen all at once. Pace yourself, still implement your boundaries in the form of self-care. Do what you can and set those boundaries,  this includes friends and families. Saying ‘No’ is a skill, it is important to know your boundaries. Remember when you are 100% then you can get back to socialising and back to being gym fanatic or the old you again, but all in due time.



Remember your number one, if you do not look after yourself who will? Give yourself time, do not let other peoples  judgement get to you. You will get there and look after your well-being.


Dr Farah Nadeem

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