Body language for an Interview

Body language for an Interview

Our body language says a lot about us, people notice our behaviour more than what we say. So why is it important to show the right body language in an interview. The number one reason is to look professional and to show your confidence in a manner that displays someone appropriate and right for the job.

Firstly, it’s a big day, your nerves are probably all over the place. Before I get you to read on the tips. The most important thing before you start getting ready for your interview is centre yourself, all your preparation is done and even if you have done no preparation just do some mindful breathing. This is where you place your hand on your chest and taking three long deep breaths. Simply inhale in a positive thought and inhale out any negative thoughts. This will allow you to bring your attention to the present moment and that is to have a positive experience at your interview.

Three top tips of positive body language for an interview:

The first tip and most common one is eye contact keeping the eye contact of the many different interviewers, this is usually shown with a few seconds of gaze and where you show an interest.

Do smile, as a smile breaks the ice, it shows a sense of welcoming and openness to your character. It also shows you have personality and have an interest to what is being said.

The last skill is mirroring we often do this in therapy with patients and clients. Mirroring the others body language shows an attuning to the other. Mirroring a nod or a subtle shift in posture can create common ground between two people, while matching a handshake is always a good equaliser.

Generals do nots at an interview pertain to moving about too much,  such as tapping fingers, shaking leg, and touching your face. Your purpose is there to impress, your there to show your best and are confident, calm and collected. (Go team you!).

By Dr Farah Nadeem


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