5 Minute de-stress exercise

5 Minute de-stress exercise

This exercise is for all of us through our busy days, a form of mindfulness during your day. This can also be used as technique to refocus, or reduce anxiety.


Sit in a quiet place and notice your thoughts


 Close your eyes and visualise a flowing river, in this river you can notice fish, visualise your thoughts as fish swimming in this river. Notice how they go in and out of the rive, notice how some fish are slower than other and some faster then other. Just visualise your thoughts swimming away, each topic swimming away.


Focus on your breath, taking deep breaths in and out, while imagining your thoughts as fish swimming away, as each fish swims away, imagine your thoughts going too out of sight. Just observe them swimming away and leaving your sight.


Keep focusing on your breathing, while you inhale feel the air enter around your nose or in your chest and use those sensations to ground you.


Once you feel more relaxed and focused, open your eyes.


By Dr Farah Nadeem


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