Category: Health

Emotion Regulation: Body Language

November 25, 2018
Like most of us we always have situations in public or even private, where another person or situation has made us angry, upset and overwhelmed. In situations like these we...

What is Mindfulness?

November 24, 2018
  Mindfulness is being aware of or focusing attention to the moment in time, consciously and without judging your moment to moment experience. So, when one goes for a mindful...

Welling Being Rising

November 4, 2018
New data shows employee wellbeing rising up UK corporate agenda in comparison to other countries Impact and evaluation of wellbeing also increases in large UK organisations Stress and time management...


November 4, 2018
Not sleeping well? 76% of SME owners losing sleep over the state of their business where 4 in 5 people have sacrificed their personal life to make their company a success…...


November 4, 2018
Is Work Stress Robbing the UK & US of Sleep? It’s no secret that in our increasingly fast-paced economy, people’s sleep is suffering at the expense of earning a decent living....

Mental Health

November 4, 2018
Research reveals hidden health implications of self-employment New survey from FreeAgent shows that the majority of small business owners think running a business has put either their mental or physical...

The benefits of tea

November 4, 2018