Author: Farah Nadeem

What is Love?

February 25, 2020
The above figure shows that different combinations characterize seven types of love (plus non-love which is the absence of all three). Let’s look at each one of these combinations more...

Stigma- Mental health

February 16, 2020
There is quite a fair amount of misunderstanding about various mental health disorders. A common misunderstanding of the diagnosis ‘schizophrenia’ is thought of having multiple personalities, however, this is an...

Ikiagi- “A Reason For Being”

January 30, 2020
Ikigai – (ee-key-guy) A new decade is upon us. Probably most of are trying to focus and keep our new year resolutions which involves a positive consequence on life. Perhaps...

Independent News: article

April 1, 2019
  Please click on the link Below on the article in the Independent News By Dr Farah Nadeem

UK stars dealing with mental health

December 13, 2018
Mental health problems affect one in four of us in the UK according to charity Mind. There are many stars and famous people who suffer from mental health issues. Below is a...

Mindful Breathing

November 26, 2018
Breathing is something that we all do, all of the time – yet we are often not aware of how it feels in the moment. By bringing our focus intentionally...

How to avoid the pratfalls of pitching:

November 21, 2018
The Top Five barriers to public speaking By Russell Wardrop One of the most accomplished recoveries in public speaking came from the Prime Minister at this year’s party conference. In a reference to the previous...

Welling Being Rising

November 4, 2018
New data shows employee wellbeing rising up UK corporate agenda in comparison to other countries Impact and evaluation of wellbeing also increases in large UK organisations Stress and time management...